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Alfa Laval heat exchangers for use in food

  Alfa Laval's technology can be utilized in the industry are: pre-processing, soy products, fats and oils, meat and poultry, fish processing, sugar, vegetable protein, varnish, starch and other fields.
  A method used in these areas of products, to ensure the taste and very competitive cost advantage. Production, soy, oil, meat and other products manufacturers depend Laiafala cutting processing technology to help them grasp the pulse of the market. Regardless of the production, our processing equipment, modules and complete processing line can help you with very competitive prices for the consumer products - while maintaining the highest level of security and satisfying taste.
  We Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger offers a full line of tack and clean, creamy, smooth and small particles processing solutions. These include spices, flavorings, fruit products, soups, sauces, baby, tomato products, desserts and other products.
  Soy products:
  Alfa Laval is a leading supplier of soy products help to optimize performance while reducing costs and increase product safety. A major focus in recent years: in soy milk, sauce, tofu and noodle production to reduce water and energy consumption.
  Fats and oils:
  We Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger product portfolio includes your extracted from oleaginous crops all types of oils and fats: degumming, neutralization, dewaxing, glue dry, bleached , winter treatment, deodorization, hydrogenation, deacidification, soap separation. Olive washing, crushing, refining and purification of the final solution. We also canned and packaged two packaging options.
  Meat and poultry:
  Around the world are using our Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger equipment and modules processed meat and poultry products. There they can be efficiently recovered products of value, such as: blood, bone, DAF skimming (dissolved air flotation), edible fats, gelatin, animal, biofuels and other products.
  Fish processing:
  We Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger offers a range of raw materials from the rest (eg: fish) in refining and refined fats, oils and protein solutions for the production of high-value of fat and protein.
  The cost of sugar production depends largely on energy costs. Our wide channel plate heat exchanger and plate evaporator help sugar manufacturers to improve product quality and reduce operating and energy costs.
  Plant proteins:
  As a supplement, plant proteins are used as functional proteins, flavor ingredients and bioactive ingredients. We Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger and heating company for your preparation, classification, separation of solid particles, fractionation and evaporation to provide equipment and processing solutions.
  In a series of colloids used in the industry, including hydrocolloids, biopolymers, and pectin. Alfa Laval heat exchanger can complete the arduous task of colloidal processing.
  In order to clean and enrichment materials (such as: corn) starch in, we offer a range of products, such as: for the purification, concentration, separation and cleaning disc centrifuge; decanter centrifuges for dewatering; and for preheating, evaporation and condensation heat exchanger.
  Dairy processing:
  Ensure the safety and health and growth correct, hundreds of millions of consumers on the health of dairy products has a very important significance. Meanwhile, a growing variety of dairy breeds - from whole, skim milk into butter, cheese, yogurt, whey and milk powder - to the manufacturer's growth provides a lot of opportunities. Alfa Laval in maintaining safety, improve efficiency and reduce production costs and reduce waste emissions levels, ensure growth performance.
  Grasp the pulse of the pioneers innovative dairy products:
  In 1883, Alfa Laval's continuous milk separator laid the foundation of the entire dairy industry, since then, we always make sure that the health and safety of dairy products. Now, not only our processing and production technologies and solutions continuously as industry standards. You can rely on us to work with your team to work together to develop new technological solutions - or improve your current processing performance.
  Want to improve pasteurization do?
  With our thermally efficient, customized plate or tube heat exchangers, you can reduce your plant's operating costs and environmental impact. Whether you are producing milk, long shelf life of products, fermented products, ice cream, cheese or whey products, our well-designed plate heat exchanger can save you space, providing superior reliability and simple hygiene cleaning in place (CIP ) mode.
  Dairy production in water and energy savings
  We have a series of energy-saving mixers and blenders, for your specific needs to provide the best mix of solutions, including from the mixer to the rotary jet mixer and magnetic mixers, each one designed to have a high energy efficiency and can handle sensitive products, allowing you to gently handle dairy products, while maintaining their consistency, taste and color.
  Reduce water consumption, you not only save costs, but also improve the plant's environmental protection. We Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, and Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger is committed to every possible way to help you improve the sustainability of production. For example: Our dynamic tank cleaning machines can save a lot of water and chemical cleaning agents. Use our filter membrane, you can recover from the whey can be a lot of water - meet the processing needs of most of the water and clean.
  What you need to apply?
  Milk and cream
  We offer a range of ingredients, mixing / reconcile, buses sterilization, standardization, UHT processing and CIP processing solutions. Applications include: Frozen milk, skim milk, long shelf life milk, heat treated milk, sterilized milk, condensed milk and milk powder as well as a full range of sour cream, pasteurized cream after, pour cream and condensed cream products.
  Yogurt and fermented milk
  Yogurt is high viscosity product that contains particles, flavors and ingredients. We provide a range for the ingredients, mixing / reconcile, buses sterilization, standardization, UHT processing and CIP processing solutions. All programs are in line with hygiene processing requirements, thus ensuring safety.
  Customers to use our equipment will milk processed into various tastes and textures of cheese. Including: Hard and semi-hard cheese, cheddar, 帕斯塔菲拉 feta cheese and semi-soft and soft cheeses. Alfa Laval pumps for the production of fresh cheese products provide a flexible, energy-efficient solutions.
  Ice cream
  We provide a range of Alfa Laval sanitary processing components and solutions as well as for the production of ice cream tank equipment. These devices are suitable for storage, mixing, homogenizing and bus sterilization, and to ensure the necessary flexibility in the production process.
  Whey, casein and lactose
  Casein, lactose and whey increased nutritional value and improve the texture. Alfa Laval's equipment can be in a safe and hygienic conditions of production of these products and get a certain profitability. For example: Our decanter eliminates oxidation and bubble problems, while significantly reducing the processing time.
  Butter and anointing with oil is a high-value products that require careful handling. Requirements include a long shelf life, new ingredients, in line with the desired taste and texture. Our goal is to provide a flexible energy-efficient solutions.
  Lactic acid bacteria and fermentation agent
  Production and fermentation bacteria inoculation is essential. Our product portfolio meets all health requirements, including surface finish and cleanliness requirements. We offer a portfolio of technologies, including yeast, yeast extract and molasses pretreatment.