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China heat exchanger network with you into 2013 International Exhibition of Special Equipment

  April 18, 2013 to 20, Chinese heat exchanger network will coordinate the major affiliate sites to participate in the China International Exhibition Center “2013 Second China (Beijing) International Exhibition of special equipment.”
  “2013 Second China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Special Equipment” gathered around the exhibitors, the exhibition organizers will organize various types of boilers, pressure vessel steel, various types of heat exchangers and related equipment, non-metallic pressure vessels and other fields new products, new technologies, new materials, new technology on display. By then, there will be ten thousand professional visitors at home and abroad to participate in the show in the past.
  China heat exchanger network will integrate all kinds of material suppliers, product buyers resources for exhibitors, between between exhibitors and visitors, exhibitors and Chinese line heat exchanger network online users to build a stable, reliable trade cooperation bridge.
  Meanwhile, the Chinese heat exchanger network will also provide exhibitors with free on-site interviews, the interview will be organized into the manuscript exchanger network devoted to China and other major online platform for enterprises to spare all aspects of publicity, help enterprise to win more orders.
  In the last three days of the exhibition, Chinese heat exchanger network hoping to make more business, more friends, more partners, with our services and efforts to promote Chinese heat exchanger industry, taking a step forward development and growth!