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Substation to suppress the tail gas boiler heat exchanger changes

  Negative pressure at rated load boilers can meet the requirement, the only downside is the boiler running for some time, some open welding weld, causing leakage, need to gradually resolved.
  As long as the former two reasons periodically flush plates and cloth can be resolved, the first three because it is only after the occurrence of the inclined plate separator is rubbed injury to cause deformation. If you do not skewed such deformation does not occur. These problems are relatively easy to solve, this article focuses on the first four causes inclined to analyze the causes.
  The compression plate and the diaphragm between the lower edge of Mud. Through on-site analysis, which is caused in the course of step plate inclined root causes. Since gas mud dehydration is good, into the plasma process, a large collection of filtered water in the liquid bolt holes and 10 holes of the liquid is small, and all are from the total exports of water flows out of the total exports in the filtered water several nearby plate plate of the liquid pressure is high, resorted to fluid flow into a pressure flow. Such filtered water through the liquid outer bolt hole wall and the plate gap between the liquid and the separator plate and the compression gap between the compression plate and the flow to the cavity between the diaphragms. Filtered water under pressure up to the compressed air channel, flow channeling all compressed plate and the diaphragm to form the cavity, and the filtered water will always be a certain amount or less suspended solids, if the cloth has damaged or cloth became larger holes, then filtered water abrupt increase of suspended solids will become muddy water. Then along the muddy water is bound into the gap behind the diaphragm. When making squeezing process, compressed air into the diaphragm and the cavity between the compression plate for pressing, the compressed air to blow away the mud in the water, leaving the cake, so that for a certain amount of squeezing process will be deposited in sludge the compression plate and the lower edge of the diaphragm, so that the lower plate more thick, more and more inclined plate.
  Above process is not only theoretical analysis, in practical work, we formed the crew filtered water channels and compressed air passage formed after removing the cushion of a number of separately into the pulp and squeeze test, and then turn the liquid Tighten bolts afterburner and compression plate to reduce barriers to the gap in the bolt four weeks, and then carried out into the pulp and compression tests. Test results proved the analysis is reasonable. When removing the cushion of compressed air channel when a lot of muddy water from the compressed air flow channel. Tighten bolts after the liquid, compressed air channel does not have any liquid.
  Measures to solve the problem because only the first four measures discussed by the above analysis produces mud plot reasons: a. Filter cloth damage or perforations, could not be effectively filtered. b. presence of leakage path smooth arrival filtered water behind the diaphragm. c. filtered large amount of water, over flow channel area is small, so that filtered water flows become pressurized flow.
  Therefore, the solution to the problem is as follows: 1) Select the appropriate filter cloth, to ensure the quality of filtered water, requiring cloth not only can guarantee the filtering effect, there must be a certain strength (durability), if the filter will also often damaged After the water quality impact. 2) to the liquid at the bolt hole 10 as the liquid to expand (cake formation but to consider the required pressure and time), to reduce the fluid resistance, lower fluid pressure at the gap. 3) to clear out the undercurrent effluent water, reducing the hydraulic pressure, and each plate of the liquid does not affect the other plates.
  Conclusion Through this transformation, that such type of preheater through some of the production process improvement, can replace a small tube boiler box last stage preheater for boiler safety guarantee.