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DaYe Sreal Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called as SRE) is a professional company in R&D, design, fabrication of heat exchanger. SRE has been a specialized heat exchanger manufacturer with extensive application and various kinds of products since it was built in 2006. SRE has owned leading position with comprehensive strength by professional and advanced technology in same industry of domestic.

SRE’s products are widely applied in various industries just like petrochemical, metallurgy, marine diesel, military, electric power, locomotive and etc, and has been appointed to supply products by Navy Equipment Ministry, China Shipbuilding Company, Railway Ministry and National Electric Power Company and etc. 


  • Weakening large tonnage heat exchange system and operational modal analysis default

      Gas flow set five sub-line: Variable respectively upper furnace inlet thermostat; interstage quench, hypoallergenic furnace section, Sec entrance thermostat;

  • Latest new large hydraulic tubes category running toward

      The actual test more than a year has Expansion of a dozen sets of heat exchange equipment, the test pressure are to meet the design requirements, users get the praise.

  • Substation to suppress the tail gas boiler heat exchanger changes

      Negative pressure at rated load boilers can meet the requirement, the only downside is the boiler running for some time, some open welding weld, causing leakage, need to gradually resolved.

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